I Watched a Thing

Love, Death, & Robots, specifically. Finally got around to it after a number of recommendations. Overall, it was pretty OK as a whole. Individually, it left a lot to be desired. So episode by episode, I’ll give a semi spoilerific run down by how they aired here. These are just my opinions, and I don’t expect anyone to agree with them in any amount, so I’m open to discussion, but if you’re just going to say you’re wrong blah blah, then I’m not listening. Enjoy.

Ep1 Three Robots… amusing. I liked the animations, and a world where cats end up being the dominant, and primary populant species, is a plus plus for me.

Ep2 Beyond the Aquila Rift… Easily my second favourite. I liked the animation, and the voice acting was good. The reveal f the actual world, and the simulation was pretty cool too. Spider lady was very cool.

Ep3 Ice Age… Kind of stupid. Not entertaining, funny, or compelling in any way.

Ep4 Sonnie’s Edge… My favourite episode by far. The best animations, great voice acting, and the story was great. Loved the main character, and the twist at the end.

Ep5 When the Yogurt Took Over… What the hell even? The stupidest episode in the entire series.

Ep6 The Secret War… Animation was very good, and the premise was great too. I liked the demons, and the setting too, but felt it ended too suddenly.

Ep7 Sucker of Souls… Only good thing about this was that the vampire thing was afraid of cats. It was pretty boring otherwise, and I didn’t like the animations. Voice acting was OK though.

Ep8 The Witness… I don’t know what was going on with the animations in this one, but it was like it couldn’t decide between cell shading, live action, or rotoscoping. It made the whole thing look like a mess, and too jarring to get in to. The story was cool, but it was too short to do anything really interesting with.

Ep9 Suits… Twist at the end was cool, voice acting was OK Animation wasn’t my thing.

Ep10 Good Hunting… This would have been my 2nd favourite, but I had a few issues with the stupidity of decisions made by characters in the story that just made me more annoyed than anything. Cyber kitsune at the end was fucking awesome though.

Ep11 The Dump… Stupid in every way.

Ep12 Shape-Shifters… Animations were decent, but it’s a tale I’ve read or watched a hundred times, and was made even more boring in that it was Americans fighting the Taliban… AGAIN. Come on, some originality please.

Ep13 Fight Night… This one was OK, seemed a bit rotoscoping in some places, so that was kind of cool. Reminded me of old Neil Gaiman comics. It was OK

Ep14 Helping Hand… Eh it wasn’t bad, it was just boring. The animations were good.

Ep15 Alternate Histories… No originality at all. Come on guys, Hitler? Really? Fucking come on.

Ep16 Lucky 13… Very cool. Good animations, good voice acting. Sentient ship that was looking for it’s finest friend.

Ep17 Blindspot… Boring, but OK animation.

Ep18 Zima Blue… Reminded me of Aeon Flux for some reason Was great until the end. I understand what it was looking to portray, but in the little time it had, the meaning fell short, and it was just a stupid way to finish it.

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