The Game 04 – Game of the Year

I had a massive post about all the games, and my game of the year, and why it was, but something happened and the whole thing was deleted. I’m so pissed off, and don’t want to spend another hour typing this shit out again. To sum it up, it came down to Nier, and Nioh.

Nier was a great game, and I enjoyed everything from the exceptional music, to the graphics, the combat, and the fantastic story. Through multiple play through, I achieved a plat, without buying them as you have the option to in-game. Much like the first Nier, completion of the plat takes you to a point where you must sacrifice yourself, and all your knowledge for the end. This means your save file is actually erased from your system. Of course you can upload to cloud, or usb, but really when it’s all done, there’s nothing left to do in the game. I did save my save, and it’s on the cloud now at the very point before the mission which deletion is the result, but I don’t see myself ever going back to it. I literally did everything.

On the other hand, Nioh I haven’t got the plat for yet, and I’m not sure I ever will, but I can go back to it, and try, and it’s likely I will do that. Maybe start anew, and travel through the game again with the knowledge I have of how to progress. The story is really amazing, and the soundtrack is fantastic. I enjoyed the combat feel too, and the mechanics of it were very familiar to me. It was given the label of ‘souls like,’ a term I heard bandied around this year to the point of exhaustion. I can see where the similarities of a Soulsborne game are, though. The difficulty of course, the most common reason people throw out the souls like tag, the combat feel, and the progression were all similar. The feeling of doing everything you can think of, and then beating your head against a wall, only to finally defeat the obstacle… it’s quite a satisfying feeling, and one I remember from Soulsborne games.

All these things lead to the conclusions that Nioh is, indeed, my Game of the Year. The setting, story, music, control, and even weapons, and armour, upgrading; it was all fun, frustrating, and rewarding in the most ways. Maybe it was obvious to some that, in the absence of a Soulsborne game to be my GOTY, a souls like would take that title, and perhaps I’m that predictable, but this is how it is. Well done Nioh, you are exceptional in all ways. If you haven’t played Nioh, then I would recommend it if you enjoy these types of games. It won’t be for everyone, but those who it is for will find enjoyment therein.


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