The Game 01 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins Thoughts

The other day I was playing AC:O, and happened on a quest where I had to carry a guy back to a town, followed by another person as well. Escort quests are one of the banes of gaming, whatever genre you’re in. Dodgy pathing, not slow enough, too fast, stuck in environment… These are all common problems. However, this escort quest did something that left me amazed. I came to a point where I would have to somehow get over a river while carrying this bloke, and having this lady still follow me.

My immediate thought process was that I’d have to run down the length of the river until I found a bridge or some rocks that I could jump across, and pray that my escortee didn’t get caught on environment. Then I had a thought as I saw a small boat on the shore. I hoped onto the boat, and put down the invalid, and he sat up, crossing his legs. I was pretty surprised that he adapted to the boat, but then the lady following, jumped onto the boat, and sat by him! I took hold of the boat, ferried it across, and when I picked up the bloke again, the lady stood up, and followed me off the boat.

To a lot of people this might seem like nothing big, but by the nine, this is amazing programming, and a huge step in gaming. This kind of intelligent scripting, I haven’t seen in a game before. It might exist somewhere in a smaller game, or a once in a time game, but personally this was a first. I then, found another escort mission, not a carry one though, to try again. The guy followed me onto the boat, and sat down as I steered the boat across the water, then followed me off. I’m amazed, and joyful at this. It is a huge step in quality of life gaming, and quality of the game. Just thought I’d put this out there.

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